Alcohol Kills More Than 3 Million People a Year in the World

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This Friday the World Health Organization (WHO) published a report in which it indicates that in 2016 one of every 20 deaths in the world was due to alcohol consumption. The most affected are men.

The World Health Organization (WHO) published on Friday a report on deaths caused by alcohol consumption in the world. The director general of the organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, explained that people suffer the consequences of the harmful use of alcohol, such as problems of violence, mental health and triggers diseases such as cancer and strokes.

In 2016 from Alcohol died more than 3 Million People

According to the report, nearly three million people in the world died in 2016 due to the harmful use of alcohol, that is, one out of every 20 registered deaths. More than three-quarters of these deaths were of men. 5.3% of the global burden of disease is linked to alcohol. (Read: How much alcohol is consumed in the world?)

Of the deaths produced by alcohol, 28% was caused by injuries (caused by traffic accidents, self-harm and violence), 21% was due to digestive disorders and 19% was due to cardiovascular diseases. The remaining percentage was related to other health problems, such as infectious diseases, mental disorders and cancer. There are more than 200 diseases linked to alcohol consumption.

Most affected are Men

The report warns that “the global burden of diseases and injuries caused by the harmful consumption of alcohol is unacceptably high, particularly in Europe and the Americas.” In the world, 237 million men and 46 million women have disorders related to alcohol consumption. Men recorded more cases than women in Europe (14.8% and 3.5%, respectively) and in America (11.5% and 5.1%).

The drinkers have a daily consumption of 33 grams of pure alcohol, equivalent to two glasses of wine or a bottle of beer. 45% of the alcohol is consumed in the form of liquors, with beer being the second most consumed beverage (34%), followed by wine (12%). In many countries, the consumption of alcoholic beverages begins before the age of 15. (You can read: This is how mixing alcohol with energy drinks would worsen the drunkenness).

Governments can help

“Countries can do much more than they do to reduce health and social costs of the harmful use of alcohol (…) Measures could include increasing taxes on alcoholic beverages, banning or restricting product advertising and limiting the availability of alcohol. ” , says Vladimir Poznyak, coordinator of the WHO Substance Abuse Management unit.

At present, several measures have been taken. 95% of countries have taxes on alcohol consumption, but less than half use other strategies in price regulation. Most have some kind of restriction on beer advertising. (You can read: WHO confirms that raising taxes on alcohol is the most cost-effective way to reduce their consumption)

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