How the Electronic Cigarettes Industry is Creating new Addicts

e cigarettes creating new addicts

They disguise themselves as a healthy option within the “harm reduction” strategy that the tobacco industry has already started with light cigarettes. They are also sold as an alternative to quit smoking for those who are already trapped by smoking. But the data demonstrate something else: electronic cigarettes, vapeadores and their latest generation versions -pod mods and smokeless tobacco- “are being used to attract new potential smokers among young people and adolescents.”

Alerts by the FDA: new addicts of E – Cigarettes rising by the day

Just a few days ago, the commissioner of the US agency of the drug (the FDA), Scott Gottlieb, warned of the situation: “There is an epidemic use of electronic cigarettes among young people, we have data that show a peak as acute as worrying We have had to take action, even before the final data can be made public, which we will do soon, but we have an obligation to act on what we know and what we know is alarming. ” Therefore, he announces that they will take steps in the coming weeks to tackle this trend.

The main alert focuses on the tobacco without combustion, but especially in the pod mods, some USB-like devices, among which the best known is Juul, which already covers half the market of electronic cigarettes in the US. UU., With a growth of 700% according to the data of the consultant Nielsen.

Europe is next

It is not yet marketed in Europe, but “Juul is what’s coming,” warned Andrés Zamorano, vice president of the National Committee for the Prevention of Smoking, during the annual congress of the Spanish Society of General and Family Doctors held in May: considered as the iPhone for electronic cigarettes, as an example of design “[in the image]. It is rechargeable and in a single cartridge contains the same amount of nicotine as a pack of traditional tobacco, with the incentive for teenagers that parents will not find in the backpack of their child the telltale pack.
They can increase the risk of cancer, in addition to normalizing the act of smoking

“The reasoning of vaping advocates”, explains Miguel Ángel Martínez-González, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of Navarra, in his book Health to a certainty, “is that in the face of cigarette smoke, where identified 4,000 substances, of which 250 are toxic and at least 60 are carcinogenic, vaping is only water vapor and nicotine, so that many toxic substances are eliminated.It is a well thought logic, but in reality it is a trick to normalize again the use of snuff, especially among young people.The goal: to get them started so that, if one day vapear is not enough, smoke a cigarette.

It is not the only threat. As Gottlieb points out in his letter, “apart from the risk of creating a lifelong addiction, nicotine use during youth is also dangerous: it has direct effects on your health and your brain.”

Studies continue further

The largest review of studies on the effects of electronic cigarettes that has been carried out to date, published in January of this year, revealed that there is proven evidence that these devices contain toxic substances and some can damage DNA and cause mutations. “This is important,” the authors of the review point out, “because it can be inferred plausibly – although they warn that even with limited evidence – that long-term use of electronic cigarettes can increase the risk of cancer.” The report also concludes that there is limited evidence on the risk of suffering from respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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